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Importance of Airport Fencing

There are many reasons why airport perimeter fencing is considered an important aspect of airport security. Not only does it outline the boundaries, but the right airport perimeter fence will ensure the safety of those in and around the perimeter.

A good airport fence is the first line of defense against security risks, so failure to install a compliant and durable fence can lead to additional security breaches. As we've seen many times before, airport security breaches not only pose a risk to staff, passengers and visitors but can also lead to delays and disruptions at the very least - so investing in the right airport fencing for you is certainly worth it. 

Airport fencing systems are a key element of a building that ensures the safety of the public and the airport itself. And - with airport security breaches increasing every year - the range of useful benefits that the right perimeter fence can provide has never been more relevant.

Airport Fence

 Airport Fence

Airport Perimeter Fence Requirements

Whenever we think about airport fencing requirements, we're dealing with the fact that perimeter security poses a significant challenge to the reality of any airport, from the smallest to the widest. Each airport can decide to address this challenge in its own way based on its specific needs and characteristics.

The ultimate goal never changes and is about protecting airport boundaries, an outcome that can be achieved in a variety of different ways. You can include fencing, but also cameras and patrols, as well as extremely advanced technologies that can compensate for the obvious limitations that are typical or simply fencing as a physical barrier against intruders.

Airport perimeter fencing requirements: a complex challenge

In order to understand the complexities associated with airport perimeter fencing requirements, it is also important to emphasize that several factors influence them.

The physical size of the airport

Local terrain

Security level



These are just a few of the almost endless variables that can affect airport perimeter fencing requirements!

Airport Fence

Airport Fence

Imagine a medium-sized airport with, let's say, about 30 miles of physical fencing, located in a rural area characterized by low foot traffic, in a location that incorporates all four seasons. The challenge would be very specific, from a completely different location of a huge international airport located in a key metropolitan area, with a mild climate, surrounded by water, and with constant human movement all over.

As you can easily guess, the requirements for airport perimeter fencing can change dramatically in the example we just created. In addition, the cost/quality ratio is another important factor that affects airport perimeter fencing requirements. Specifically, the size of the airport perimeter and all associated fencing will define the cost function for perimeter security.

Likewise, the maintenance of the entire fencing "system" must be considered, as well as the materials and specific assets used: netting? Barbed wire? Cameras, sensors, infrared, intrusion detection devices? What about gates? How many do they have?

In short, defining the proper airport perimeter fencing requirements is a project in itself that requires the expertise, experience, and knowledge of professionals.


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