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What Is the Purpose of Farm Fencing

Grassland fencing is a popular and widely used type of fencing on farms and in agriculture.


Grassland fences are also known as animal cattle fences, deer fences or farm fences, and field fencing. They are mainly made of woven metal fencing used for grassland and field fencing. High-strength medium carbon steel wire or high-quality low carbon steel wire with excellent flexibility. With the booming development of the domestic livestock breeding industry, the use of grass fences has also been fully promoted. Here to give you a brief introduction.


Grassland fencing is metal woven equipment used to protect cattle. In pastoral areas, the area is vast. In order to better control cattle and sheep breeding within a certain range, farmers will use grass fencing to enclose the cattle and sheep. Within a certain area so that you don't get lost. 

Grassland Fence

Grassland Fence

Grassland fences are extremely impact resistant and can withstand the strong impact of cattle and sheep. What's more, this way the cattle and sheep will not eat the surrounding vegetation, which will greatly contribute to the sustainable development of the country and greatly reduce the chances of sanding the grassland.


Grassland fencing is installed in grasslands for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, and all the animals you need. The perfect place to protect grasslands, forestry centers, highways, and the environment.


What is the best fence for farm animals?

What kind of livestock do you have? Do you have permanent paddocks and fences? Do you need the flexibility of a portable fence? Let's look at some key considerations when choosing the best fencing for your farm animals.



When it comes to horse fencing, you need visibility. If they can't see the fence, they could hit it and, depending on the material, get tangled up in it. This is dangerous for them - and costly for you. To avoid trouble and keep your horse safe, you can use heavy-duty wood or vinyl post and panel fencing or lightweight, wide-strand charged polyethylene tape. The former is best installed by a professional and will be a permanent solution due to its weight and other factors. The latter is equally effective and more portable.

 Grassland Fence

 Grassland Fence


Farmers with goats are often particularly worried about old goats. If you don't want to chase your livestock on the road or through fields and forests, try burying the posts together with goat netting wire mesh.



Barbed wire has been the traditional choice and is still widely used. However, high-strength wire fences with treated wooden posts are appearing on more and more farms. To separate bulls from cows, use larger gauge wire and thicker posts. Electrification offers the best in terms of containment.



Keep your pigs under control and safe with feedlot panels. This type of fence is perfect for livestock that likes to run on fences and try to break out. They are sturdy, easy to configure to meet your unique needs, durable, and safe.


Many farmers also choose electrified, high-strength wire fencing for their pigs. If you are unsure of the correct route for your farm, the Linchuan Safety Protective Equipment team will be happy to help you.